Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Bird Count

Tomorrow we will be conducting the Christmas Bird Count at Fort Peck. I have been doing this count since I was about 12 years old. I missed a few years here and there when I was working in Antarctica and such, but I have probably done it more often than not. We usually have a small bunch a locals that attempt to hit most of the major areas but it is hard to cover all of it with the number of people we have and even more so those that are able to ID birds well enough. We have not had much of a winter so far and the forecast is not looking good for finding birds - but probably good for the birds themselves. We do have a number of gull species foraging below the dam that should provide a bit of diversity for the count. Hopefully we can find something interesting.


B&C Boys said...

I didn't see a list of the birds you saw - did I miss them? What interesting birds did you see? Any that you didn't see this year?

John Carlson said...

I will publish a list of the birds observed on the Christmas bird count in Fort Peck when I get back to the states. I can say that the number of species was surprisingly high despite not seeing some species that we maybe should have. One that comes to mind is the Blue Jay's that were seen both on the day before and the day after, but not during the count day. We did have a few good feeder watchers that day too!