Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Blog Feature

I decided that I want to show a bunch of my favorite photos, both old and new so I created a photo of the week spot on my sidebar.

Birding has been slow the last few days although the transition between winter birds and spring birds has been pretty evident in the back yard as the Common Redpolls are gradually being replaced with Dark-eyed Juncos. Two days ago my first Red-winged Blackbirds showed up in the backyard. Although their arrival in the area was nothing out of the ordinary at this date, this is the earliest I have seen them in my backyard in the 4 years I have been here by about 3 weeks.

The weather here was very nice this past weekend and we were able to get our windows cleaned for the spring. Benton helped by making sure the flies didn't come in the window when we had them removed.

The weather has deteriorated the rest of the week and we just missed the precipitation that was called for. All we got out of the deal was the wind - from all directions this week and blowing hard. I could see the snow line just to the south about 4 miles on my way to work this morning. One Franklin's Gull was with a bunch of California gulls in an empty field in Glasgow this morning. Tomorrow I am up early for my first Greater Sage-grouse lek survey of the year at a reported new lek.

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Cindy said...

redpolls were next to absent here this year, and I sure missed those sweet little finch and other irruptives that didn't show due to our unseasonably warm (most of the time) winter. Good luck at the lek, now THATS my kind of birding ;)