Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Three New Blogs

I recently added three new blogs and one website to my sidebar and I would like to point them out.

The first is a young artist, Martí Rodríguez Franch, who does wonderful field sketches. I find I like field sketches often much more than final paintings because there is so much more of the bird and the art in those sketches.

The next blog is entirely in French and is titled De Temujin...a Gensis Khan. It is blog about a couple's journey across Mongolia and central Asia. Those of you who can read French will get much more out of it than me but I really enjoy the photos. They recently had a pretty nasty accident with their van and my lack of French has limited my knowledge about what they are going to do now.

The third blog is Camera Trap Codger, a great blog about a retired biologists who sets camera traps in his neighborhood to record the coming and goings of the neighbors he rarely sees; the wildlife.

The website I added is Ian Lewington's website for his artwork. I came across this site thanks to Martí. I first came across Ian's work when he illustrated this book. The print below is one of my favorites he currently has for sale.

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