Saturday, January 12, 2008

Odds and Ends

It's been so long since I posted anything here that B15D probably melted by now. I did lose the ability to track this berg because it has moved north of 60 south and the iceberg tracking center doesn't track bergs north of that line.
Here is a bit of what has been going on here. We have no snow. Nothing. The temperatures have been unseasonably high and dips below zero (Fahrenheit) have been few and far between. Normally (whatever that is anymore) we have at least a couple of weeks, often a month or so, where the temperature seldom climbs above zero. There is ice on the water though and we have gone ice fishing a couple of times. Once at the local kids fishing pond and once on Fort Peck lake.

Benton and Crean at Homerun Pond. I am not sure why the sign was still up - the ice was fine.

Benton with one of his fish. He wound up with 3 that we had for dinner that night. He thought they were delicious.

We spent New Year's Eve at home with the boys and celebrated the New Year with the folks in
Qaanaaq Greenland (8:00 pm our time).

We went for a walk on New Years Day. There was no snow but it was certainly cold.

Addie enjoyed the time out and about and came home a mess.

Last weekend Addie, Benton and I headed out to Bone Trail, about as far west as you can get from here on the north side of Fort Peck Lake without taking a big detour. I hadn't been out that far for probably 20 years. We checked some tip-ups with Ryan Fast and Kelly Burke and their boys, Colton and Morgan Fast and Nick Burke. We caught no fish but had a great time. Since there was no snow we wound up sliding down a shale bank at the edge of the lake. Here is a photo of the country around the lake at Bone Trail.

We stopped at a Black-tailed Prairie Dog town on our way home and got barked at by a few dogs.

More to come soon.

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