Sunday, April 27, 2008

No gold but lots of bronze

Despite many miles driving through stubble fields of wheat on Saturday and Sunday I was unable to locate any Smith's Longspurs. The consolation prize however was thousands of Lapland Longspurs in a couple of fields. I have seen Lapland Longspurs annually for as long as I can remember but only in the winter. These were all in breeding plumage so in a way it was a new bird for me.

It was amazing how many were gathered in the two fields and they were all singing on top of it so the sounds were also new. I did make a three longspur weekend out if it with observations of Chestnut-collared and McCown's all in breeding plumage as well.

I did see a few flocks of longspurs that looked like the photo above and I was unable to figure out what they were.

Northeastern Montana is incredible dry and most of the potholes I looked at were just salt pans with no water. It was also quite cold with a few snow drifts hanging around. Thankfully I brought along my Flatcoated Retriever heater to keep me warm in the back of the truck last night.


Clare said...

Alright! My Lapland Longspurs are on their way home. Hurry them along John. I miss them.

John Carlson said...

Honest to God Clare I was thinking of you when I saw them. They are on their way, hang in there.