Wednesday, July 30, 2008

James Fenwick Lansdowne 1937-2008

I just found out the James Fenwick Lansdowne passed away on July 26, 2008.
Mr. Lansdowne was one of my favorite bird artists when I was growing up and I have most of his books in my collection (often received as Christmas or birthday gifts from my family). His books often had illustrations of the field sketches he used to render his final paintings and I found those sketches more interesting than the final paintings; something that continues for me still.
Louis Fuertes was probably the first bird artist I developed an appreciation for after seeing his illustrations in Birds of Massachusetts and Other New England States in my grade school library. Lansdowne was the next artist I developed an appreciation for, probably about the same time.
Here is a link to a few of his paintings and another link to the CBC news story reporting his death.

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