Friday, December 26, 2008

Ushuaia Shoreline

Female Flying Steamer-Duck

Rather than do a day by day recap of the last few weeks with photos, I am going to try to put them into groups and have photos from both trips combined. I am going to start with Ushuaia.

I wasn't able to get out of town much during this trip because of work and ship schedules but I was able to spend a fair amount of time along the shoreline in Ushuaia at the begining of my trips and in between voyages. Early mornings were nice and quiet and I could get away from the hum of the ships engines and the bustle of the busy pier for a while.

Female Kelp Goose

Male Kelp Goose

Dolphin Gull - this has got to be one of the most colorful gulls around and quite a striking bird.

Crested Ducks

Chiloe Wigeon

Dark-bellied Cincloides

Black-crowned Night Heron

Early in December there were two very large tour ships at the pier. In the photo above you can see the the forward end of the National Geographic Explorer in front of a very large ship. In the foreground is a group of kayakers. There were so many people in town that day from these two ships that there was a large cloud of dust west of town from where all the buses were coming and going to Tierra Del Fuego National Park.

South American Tern

Male Flying Steamer-Duck

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos. The dolphin gull made me laugh. It looks almost as if someone gave it a real bloody nose.

Given the incidents with cruise ships in the region over the past two years (I believe there had been two cruise ships that ran into problems in Antarctic waters), what is your view of eco-tourism in such a fragile region?