Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Winter Birds

Last Monday I had the day to myself for a while. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to just enjoy being out. Wildlife is hard to find these days and you will notice the photos are going to start repeating the same species - the few that are still around. This winter seems to be exceptionally short on the number of species and individuals of each species. Raptors, except for Bald Eagles along the river have been pretty much absent this winter. I finally managed to get a half decent photo of a Gray Partridge though.

The Horned Larks are probably the most abundant bird around right now. Even my backyard has been very slow with only a few species showing up each day.

But the Rusty Blackbirds are still around.


Clare said...

I love photos of Horned Larks looking at the camera. They always look so ticked off.

Bill S. said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the sparkling frost on the partridge picture. Great captures. I need a sunny morning.

John said...

Wonderful photos!