Thursday, October 7, 2010


Finally recovering from the nine hour time difference between Tanzania and Montana. Lots of stories and photos to share but also lots of work to catch up on and a report to write so I am not sure when things will start landing on these pages, but hopefully soon while the memories and impressions are still fresh. I am still dreaming about being in Africa so it hasn't entirely left me yet.
The photo above is of Lake Manyara with the rift valley wall in the background. The specks in the foreground are shorebirds, lots and lots of shorebirds. Unfortunately the time I got to spend at the lake was in the afternoon and I was looking into the sun without a scope so I was unable to really check out just what the shorebirds were. Even so it was still wonderful to see that many birds.

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Holly said...

welcome back! Looking forward to a recount of your adventures~