Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Polar Bears

No, not here, although looking outside you might be forgiven to think that you saw one in the snow. Certainly looks like the right habitat out there right now.
Just a couple of great "trail" camera videos on the BBC website. Watch this one first then this one.
Then this one of a bear hunting a Bearded Seal. I don't want to give it totally away, but one shot of the seal laying on the ice floe with the polar bear's head emerging from the water's edge just behind the unaware seal is chilling (particularly having been on a similar ice floe in the Canadian arctic a number of years ago with the job of looking out for these guys).
These are a apparently from a new BBC show "Polar Bears: Spy on the Ice".

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PSYL said...

Wonderful videos! Thank you for sharing the links. Always enjoy BBC's take on wildlife videography/documentary.