Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yesterday I headed south of Glasgow looking for Greater Sage-Grouse. I had heard of a location with a number of birds and Saturday was sunny even if it was -26 F when I woke up. Sunday has turned out to be even worse than forecast, although 50 degrees warmer, the wind has really picked up and it is overcast and snowing again. The blowing snow has drifted in the highway so there is no going much of anywhere today.

I did find a number of sage-grouse on my drive. All of them happened to be on the south side of the road, directly in line with the low lying sun. It was also a bit difficult taking photos out the window of the truck with the temperature differential apparently making the auto focus a bit touchy.

This Cottontail did not look too happy with the temperature.

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Bill S. said...

The cold affects me kind of like it does the wildlife and your camera. Great pictures. Happy New Year.