Monday, March 28, 2011


This is what Northeastern Montana looks like right now. 105 inches of snow and counting since the beginning of October. I bet we will have more than 120 by the time the snow ends (if it does). Normally we would be doing sage-grouse lek surveys in a week but I doubt that there will be much surveying done this spring (at least not anytime soon).

Last Friday I came home from further south and found large flocks of Western Meadowlarks and American Tree Sparrows along the highway - apparently stacked up by the the deep snow further north.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was decreed from somewhere that there could only be two foot high fences with only one or two strands of wire.


Blazingstar said...

Many of those tree sparrows have found their way north, where our snow is just about gone here in southern Alberta! We have huge flocks of them under our feeders. Bluebirds and robins are back, but I'm still waiting to see a meadowlark.

It has been a very snowy and cold spring here too, but we had enough of a chinook a couple of weeks ago to melt the bulk of it. Just a few big drifts remain (still good for rolling in, if you are a dog).

The river is very late in opening though - it's still largely frozen. There is a small open spot at a bend near us and it is rapidly filling up with goldeneyes! Usually our dogs are wading in the river on St. Patrick's Day, but this year it will likely be April before they can go in.

Stay warm!!

John Carlson said...

Liz and Andy,
Glad that you are out from under the winter and on to spring. What is it with Flatcoats and snow? The first thing Addie does when she gets out in the morning is roll around in the snow no matter how cold it is. I don't remember my Golden being that enthused about rolling around in the snow.