Monday, January 16, 2012

Rough-legged Hawks again

Yesterday I got to get out north of town with my friend Jeff. We didn't find much except for a large number of Rough-legged Hawks. One bird we found was sitting in the grass next to a spring (above).

But the bird that was the most fun to watch we first observed on a steep dive into the dense grass next to the road just ahead of us. We watched it emerge from the grass shortly after it disappeared, but it didn't look like he was carrying anything in his talons. We lost track of it as it flew south and we were distracted by another bird. We found him again just down the road on a fencepost and it was apparent the it had indeed captured a small mammal of some sort.

We watched as his finished the meal in just two large bites, then flew back over the grassy area to look for more.


Bill S. said...

Great pictures. Eating birds are always interesting.
We have only had a few here this year and I believe it is the snowless winter we have had. Snow is predicted this week and we will see what shows up.

Guy said...

Hi John

Great post the photos were beautiful you really captured the moment.