Monday, April 14, 2014

Godzilla in a Feather Boa - Greater Sage-Grouse

Last year one of my friends commented on a portrait of a Greater Sage-Grouse I had taken that spring. He said that the photo looked like a picture of Godzilla in a feather boa. Now I can't see anything but that so I am passing that thought along to the rest of you.

These are a few photos from a recent morning spent on one of my favorite leks. It is a rather new (for us to know about) lek that was found by a couple of my interns a few years ago after their diligent sleuthing and early morning searching and it has figured prominently in a couple of graduate projects I was fortunate to be part of. It also happens to be in one of my favorite landscapes so spending time there is therapeutic. It was nice to have a meeting with sage-grouse rather than about sage-grouse for a change.

Sunny side up

Fan Dance


Tony Bynum said...

Well done john, what kind of gear do you use? Just kidding! Love the last one, looking back between the tail feathers. Thanks for sharing, i'm on my way to spend a few days capturing some sage grouse and sharpies myself! Keep up the great work, Tony Bynum

Montanagirl said...

Oh my goodness - these are fabulous! (as are all your photos). That last one wins first prize with me. I need to find a lek like that!

Blazingstar said...

Stunning photos, as always. That last one is so creative and has such an oriental feel to it!

John Carlson said...

Thanks everyone. I have been working on getting that last photo for quite a few years and I feel like I finally got a version that works best. Mona, I hope you get your camera going again soon.