Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ships that pass in the ice.

While looking through blogs listed in the Nature Blog Network I found this interesting post from Laura (scroll down to the last photo) describing her November 2007 trip to Antarctica.

The photo she posted is of the National Geographic Endeavour, the ship I was on in November. I remember passing them in the ice and here is a photo of her ship from my view. For the record, we did wave and I would have to argue her claim that her ship was the better ship.

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Laura W. said...

What a crazy coincidence! Thank you for letting me know you were waving after all.....and my ship was the best ship merely because it was the one I was on. :)
So interesting to read your blog about past Antarctic trips and contrast them with my one venture (most likely my only, but you never know). Soon I will spend more time reading your posts but for the moment I am getting a kick out of this one.