Friday, May 30, 2008

Bird License Plates

I got my new personalized plates (Montana has front and back license plates) today. They used to be my friend Jeff Marks license plates on his red Isuzu. The only good thing about Jeff moving out of the state was that the plates became available to someone else (me!).

I am going to start a collection of photos of bird related license plates and if anyone would like to send me photos of either their plates or ones they have observed in the parking lot of their favorite birding place I will add them to the collection and post them on my blog. So far I have my new one, my Dad's plates, and a plate I took a photo of in Arizona late last July on a Wisconsin vehicle parked at the Ash Canyon Bed & Breakfast parking lot where we were looking at a Lucifer Hummingbird.

My new plates.

Dad's plates.

Anyone want to claim this one?


Dave Coulter said...

Pretty cool plates! I found your blog via the Nature Blog Network!

troutbirder said...

Cool plates. How much extra money being no object!