Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Night Watch

I am exhausted. I have been up most of the night listening to my son breath. No, not some sappy infatuation with the innocent hushed whispers of a recharging child but because of a vulgar metronome of rattling inhales and wheezing exhales.
He woke in a panic of constricted breathing from a croup that returns at the initiation of each cold and then is gone after one night.
There is not much I can do. We have sat in the bathroom with the a hot shower letting the humidity work and I calmed his panic. Now I listen while he labors in and out in his sleep. I mark the time with each round of air moving through his lungs. I can't stop. I can't sleep. I know he will be alright but he is now on the short couch in the living room and I am next to him on the long couch. He is sleeping. I am not.


Anonymous said...

Good on you Dad. Hope he is well

John Carlson said...

He is well. He actually slept that night and is back to being a little boy. Me, on the other hand -I now have his cold on top of still being tired. I suspect you have been there too Clare?

Wally the SunDevil said...


Been there. After two winters in Minnesota, my little one finally just grew out of it. It is very scary when it is happening, so I know where you're at. Hope all is well on your end.


(Remember me?)

John Carlson said...

Wally of Deschampsia fame? You will have to send me your recollection of the infamous sun screen incident with your assistant!
All is well with my son. He rebounded fine. I am a different story. I think the lack of sleep pretty well wiped me out to the point that this cold is kicking my butt. One of the worst ones I have had for a while. Send me an email Wally and let me know what you are up to. Hope to talk to you soon. J

Wally said...

You bet...email sent.