Sunday, June 8, 2008

Moving Up

A while back I joined the Nature Blog Network just to get a bit more exposure and join the crowd. I would occasionally check to see where I was in the ranking and see how many people stopped by PrairieIce.
A couple of weeks ago their accounting of visitorship appears to have ceased working like it should and the number of reported visitors for everyone's blog plummeted.
Early last week I decided to see what was going on and headed to my usual place in the rankings, about 3 pages in to the list.

I wasn't there.

I went to the next page back.

Not there either.

I thought I must have really fallen with the new accounting and looked to the end of the list.

No PrairieIce.

Then I decided to check from the beginning to see where I missed it or if it was not listed anymore.

There I was on the first page!

This morning I am number 6 on the list!

I don't know how this has happened and it is kind of funny for a site that averages about 30-40 people a day to be in front of blogs that were averaging over a thousand unique visitors a day before the change in visitor accounting.
Hopefully the Nature Blog Network will get things fixed soon but for now it is kind of nice to be on the front page and I will take it while it lasts.
For all of you who stopped by after seeing PrairieIce on the network - Hello and I hope you like my journal.
And if you want so to see the last best prairie, come visit!


Mike said...

Hey John,

Your site is certainly good enough to be on the front page of any list. For any of us, it's just a matter of exposure and accessing new readers. That's why I created the Nature Blog Network.

Unfortunately, NBN has gone through some difficulties lately where we changed webhosts but encountered tech problems sporadically for days. That might have reshuffled the database temporarily to your benefit.

NBN is pretty good about tracking page views and visitors. I find that it reliably comes in a little lower than site meter and a little higher than Google Analytics, two of the top web stats packages around.

Contact me directly if you have any other questions!

John Carlson said...

It still seems like the number of visitors has changed dramatically for many of the websites and my certainly appears to be much lower than before or what gets reported in Google Analytic.
It almost seems like what is being recorded now is completely unique visitors rather than daily unique visitors.
I am certainly glad that you created NBN and thanks for doing that. I think it is a great resource.

John Carlson said...

The correction happened. Back to my usual spot.