Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Books

Today I received two new books for my Father's Day gift. Both are books I have been looking forward to reading and after glancing through them I am even more excited to get some reading in.

The first book is Return to Warden's Grove by Christopher Norment. This book came with high expectations on a recommendation from the author's brother-in-law; my good friend, and fellow co-author on the Birds of Montana project, Paul Hendricks. The book is ostensibly about 3 field seasons in the arctic studying Harris Sparrows but it appears that there is much more in there than just descriptions of study sites and findings. I am looking forward to reading this through and I will give a complete review when I am done. I already found one quote from Christopher I really like and describes my feelings for the Antarctic (and Arctic):

"In the dream I understand where I am, what keeps me rooted in the world, and why this arctic ache, this desire born out of emptiness and space and living things, will be with me always."

The other book is the latest edition of what was already a great book, now made even better. It is the new edition of The Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife: Birds and Marine Mammals of the Antarctic Continent and the Southern Ocean by Hadoram Shirihai. Again, I will review this edition when I have some time to delve into it a bit more but it certainly looks great and just thumbing through the pages this evening has me feeling an Antarctic ache and wishing for the logistics to work out for me to be able to venture south again this year and experience the emptiness and space and living things.


Beverly said...

Thank you for the Norment quote…so reminiscent of Barry Lopez whose book “Artic Dreams” has been a long-time favorite of mine (as well as his “Of Wolves and Men”…stunning work of which I’m sure you’re aware).

I love it when science and art, or work and passion meet; the results will give goosebumps or the ‘ah-ha’ of understanding…not unlike the quote you included. Thank you, I’ll look for the book, too.

PS: is there a typo in the last line of that quote? I’m thinking it should read: “……will be with me always.”


John Carlson said...

You are right Beverly. Thanks for letting me know. I got it fixed.
I got through a couple of chapters last night and it really is a good book and you are right on with your comment on the intersection of art and science being a magical mix. There is a lot of that in this book and I look forward to sharing my views on the whole book soon.