Thursday, March 5, 2009

Biologist to the rescue

Since my computer is hopefully on the mend or at least repairable, I don't have the ability to do much with any of my photos (if I was able to take any lately). So I will have to be content with posting on interesting things I can find around the web. The latest that caught my attention was a report about a Golden Eagle crashing through the windshield of a semi in Nevada. The eagle was probably feeding on roadkill and flew in front of the truck. The best part was that the eagle survived and was apparently not happy about finding itself in the cab of a truck. I particularly liked this line:
"The guys in the truck immediately bailed out because it was one ticked off bird. She was pretty feisty," Doucette said. "Even the officer who responded didn't want to go in there so we had one of our wildlife biologists do it."
Again, the italics are mine. Finally some respect for the biologists.

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Anonymous said...

Those biologists are just crazy enough to do that sort of thing.