Sunday, March 22, 2009


Between computer problems (still ongoing but at least now I have a somewhat functional laptop), spring weather, and work travel, my blogging has certainly been light. But not for a lack of material, particularly after a rather long winter.
The time between the first of March and the end of May seems to crawl along. When the migrating geese and raptors start showing up I expect the spring season to jump ahead to May right away, but I will have to be patient.
The geese are still coming through in large numbers although I think the bulk of that migration is now further north.

I saw this goose with some white patches last week. I am pretty sure I saw the same goose on Thursday only about 40 miles up the Milk River in a field along the highway. There have been constant streams of geese heading up the Milk River for the last couple of weeks.

The Tree Sparrows have descended into the back yard the last few days along with a Common Redpoll and a Pine Siskin. The American Robins are back and singing and I saw my first Western Meadowlark on Friday and heard one singing that familiar song on Saturday.

Last weekend I spent a bit of time taking photos around an old homestead. Below is one of those photos.

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John said...

That's a cool-looking goose! Does it show any signs of leucism aside from the wings?

I like the Ford detail photo. Rust makes for interesting patterns.