Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uncommon Saturday (part 1)

Yesterday was an uncommon day that started with a couple of birds unfairly labeled with a "Common" name. Both the Common Loon and Common Goldeneye are certainly not common in their appearance.
Friday evening Dad called and told me that a Common Loon appeared to be intent on spending the night at our local kids fishing pond and he thought I might be interested in getting down there early in the morning for some photos. It was a great suggestion (thanks Dad!)

The loon appeared unconcerned with my presence and even went to sleep in short time I was there early in the morning. I was only there for a short while, filled up my CF card on the camera and had to head home to take care of the boys. When I got home I phoned Dad and suggested that he head down because the bird was quite accommodating. He got some good photos too.

As I was leaving this Common Goldeneye flushed from the far end of the pond and flew past me.

Later as the boys and I were heading out for a day on the prairie, we stopped by to see if the loon was still there and he was. I spent a bit more time in some better light and filled up another card.


John said...

Nice photos! I rarely see loons in breeding plumage around here.

Tony said...

Hey John, how's it going? It's Tony Bynum, remember be, i talked your ear off when we went on that trip to look at the Valley Country Wind "proposal" near the Bitter Creek WSA, at the time I was the chairman of the RAC.

In any event, great work on the loone, and the sage grouse/sharpi is something else, nice find!

Anyhow I thought I'd just drop you and line and tell you how much i enjoy your blog!

Contact me sometime, i dont have your email, mine is:

Take care,

Tony Bynum