Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Fall

The fall rut is on with the local Mule Deer. We have a number of deer that hang around town and these guys were pretty obvious as they started keeping company with the resident doe herd.

But that was before hunting season started. Even though the area they have been hanging around in is closed to hunting, it appears that all the bigger bucks have disappeared.

Some people (I will not call them hunters) apparently cannot resist the lure of antlers no matter what.

I am glad I got these photos before they disappeared. Even though they are "city" deer and a bit of a nuisance for those of us with gardens and other deer goodies in our yards, it is sad that they are the victims of the lust for antlers that seems to drive some people to disregard laws and treat our wildlife resources with such disrespect.

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Bill S. said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful creature. Thanks. Hunting for the antlers can bring out the worst in some people.