Saturday, November 14, 2009

Falling from the Sky Again

A year and a half ago I posted a few photos of Canada Geese falling from the sky here. Today the conditions were about the same and again, geese were falling from the sky. I had a ring-side seat as flock after flock returned to the river after feeding in the grain fields. They maintained altitude until they were just about to reach the shoreline, then they slipped sideways (or flipped completely over) and dropped out of the sky, turned into the wind towards the horde that had already arrived, slipped more wind out from under outstretched wings, dropped their feet, cupped their wings, and then backpeddled in the wind and settled in the water where they could find room.

This ranks right up there with watching a summer lightening show, Snow Petrels, and displaying McCown's Longspurs.

1 comment:

mdmnm said...

Such great photos, again!

Particularly looking at the birds that are on their backs with their heads turned almost 180 degrees to remain upright I get a "Look, ma! No hands!" vibe.

Fifth photo up from the bottom, looks like a blue phase snow snuck in with the honkers.