Sunday, April 29, 2012

A land of light breezes

The wind blows a bit  around here.

These two buildings are found just north and east of Fort Peck.

I find the new Blogger editor extremely annoying, difficult, and frustrating. Adding text and photos is not very intuitive and I wind up with text all over the place with little ability to make it go where I want to in the post. Perhaps it is the Blogger template I am using that limits my editing options - I don't know. I guess now it is worth what I am paying to have my blog here.


Guy said...

Hi John

What wonderful photos, and I have had some challenges with my blog as well. I rarely like changes to software I normally find things become for complicated with features I never really wanted.

But the old building look great.


Steve Bodio said...

New Blogger is a pain; though photos seem to go in OK, it has a dozen other "issues"...