Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Review in Photos - Part 1

Since I didn't do a great job of posting here last year I decided to at least catch up a bit now through the photos I took. So without further ado here is my year through photos:

January - An early January trip to Fort Peck to look for sage-grouse in winter and a sledding trip with friends.

February -

March  - Backyard birds and a trip to Woodland Park, Colorado and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.

April - One of my favorite months. I got to spend some time, but not enough, at Greater Sage-Grouse and Sharp-tailed Gouse leks. I also spent a fair amount of time taking lots of photos of the Red Crossbills frequenting the feeders in our back yard. I also got to see and get a rather poor photo of a Baikal Teal in Missoula at the end of the month.

May - Springtime in Montana and another trip to Fort Peck as well as a quick trip to the Rocky Mountain Front for a visit with the guests at Pine Butte Guest Ranch during their naturalist weekend.

June - A busy month for me. I co-led a trip for Naturalist Journeys through Eastern Montana and had a great time (I will be doing it again this year if anyone would like to join Woody Wheeler and me on a great trip - see the link above for Naturalist Journeys). Little League was in full swing and we did a trip over the Beartooth Highway. I also worked on a Sprague's Pipit workshop back in Glasgow.

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Montanagirl said...

Wow - is all I can say. What a fabulous line-up of photos! Thank you for sharing these.