Sunday, July 8, 2007

Arctic Auks

I have added a new blog link on my blog roll called Arctic Auks. It is an account of ongoing research on Spitsbergen Island on Little Auks (or Dovekies) by my very good friend Nina Karnovski and her student crew from Pomona College in California. Check it out here.

added 7-9-07 - On July 2nd, Nina relayed one of the worst "I almost missed my connection because.." stories I have heard in a long time . In case you don't want to chase down the link here is the text from her blog:
"After departing from LAX early on Saturday morning we arrived in Newark airport just in the nick of time to catch the next flight. We were delayed in LAX because 2 passengers in the first class section wouldn’t get off their cell phones! We had to return to the gate and have the police come on board and take them off. Then we had to wait while their bags were taken out of the hold."
I can't imagine a call that important - maybe that's why I still have no cell phone.

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david said...

Wow, thanks for posting this link! I'm really enjoying their pictures and accounts of Little Auks.

Also, I've tagged you for the Eight Random Facts Meme: