Thursday, July 5, 2007

Penguin Interlude

I figured it was time to touch on the "Ice" portion of the Prairie Ice blog since the temperatures this weekend will climb above the century mark making me wish for cooler weather and Antarctic climes. On top of that, my reasons for thinking of travels south have recently included lining up my next visit, a couple of penguin talks, and how could I not mention the giant penguin fossils discovered in Peru. It looks like once again this year I will be spending a couple of weeks working for Oceanites, conducting inventories of Antarctic life on the Antarctic Peninsula. This time I am going in November and will see the beginning of the penguin breeding season with clean birds on nests (which I think are much easier to count) compared to the relative chaos and mess of chicks and a seasons worth of processed krill. I am also leading a short Lindblad Expeditions trip into Torres Del Paine National Park prior to the Antarctic cruise. I am really excited about this trip as it has been many years since I was south for the austral spring and I have never been able to bird in Chile in November since all of my trips previously began in October. I am looking forward to seeing the differences in the seabirds in the Drake Passage as well as in Chile from my more recent trips in December and January.

Now that my busy field season has nearly come to the end of the rush, I hope to get back to more posts here.

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