Friday, September 12, 2008

Fort Peck Pelagic Birding

Today I was able to do something I have wanted to do for a few years. I got to go birding on Fort Peck Lake in the fall to look for Sabine's Gulls, jaegers, and who knows what else. Despite living near a very large lake for most of my life, my family does not own a large boat so getting out on the lake hadn't happened so far.
A couple of weeks ago I found out the the local weed control district was going to be having a tour to look at an area up the lake where they had done some Salt Cedar control. I was interested in seeing the area but I also realized that it would be probably the only chance I would have to get out on the lake to look for birds this fall.
It payed off. One of the first birds I found was a Sabine's Gull. There were also thousands of Western Grebes, a few Common Loons, and Ring-billed, Franklin's, and California Gulls.
I hope I get to do this again and when I can spend some more time looking for birds.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that everyone sees Sabine's Gulls but me. I guess it just wouldn't be a nemesis bird otherwise.

John Carlson said...

Clare - I thought for sure this would be one of those species we "share" like the Lapland Longspurs! Do they just not occur around Arctic Bay?

Anonymous said...

Technically it should be one of those species we share. Some nest on Bylot Island over by Pond Inlet, some down in the Foxe Basin and a bunch farther west. I should see them, but never have. One was found dead at a camp near here this year, I saw the picture of that; A friend this year had to shew them away from his walk in Cambridge, I saw the picture of that. When I was on the Orlova in Milne Inlet I spent a couple of hours looking for them, about 1 minute after I went inside a flock went by. I saw the picture of that also.