Sunday, September 7, 2008


I was out for a look around today. I needed it (more on that later) and it helped. It always helps to get out and be calmed by some of the things that I value - wild creatures doing wild things.

First I found a couple of Red-tailed Hawks playing in the wind at the edge of hill. As I was taking a photo of this hawk it folded it's wings and dove on the other hawk below it - I just barely caught the hawk heading straight down on the next frame.

Next I watched the local display herd of elk for a bit. It is that time of the year and the bulls that chummed around all summer have now developed an intense dislike for each other. I watched this bull shepherd his small harem of three cows and two calves while the next largest, younger bull shadowed the group, trying to look innocent but never quite pulling it off.