Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pipes at the Party

This evening we attended a great end of summer backyard party. This is the Glasgow Homecoming weekend and a recent tradition is to have the Saskatoon Police Pipes & Drums band come to town for the parade and a series of engagements at local establishments on Saturday evening. This year they started out with dinner at our friends barbecue and then they performed a few songs before heading out to make their rounds.
Something about the bagpipes always gets me and it was wonderful to be sitting in the middle of the band as they performed in a horseshoe shaped formation in our friends backyard complete with a group of young ladies doing Scottish dances while the band played. One of our friends daughters had her birthday today and one of the pipers even played Happy Birthday for her. After they finished their quick set they boarded their bus on headed out on the town.
I am still kicking myself for not bringing my camera so you are going to have to settle for a photo from their website of the band performing a couple of years ago . They promised to come back for another barbecue next year so I will be sure to bring my camera then.

I know some people don't like the pipes but like I said, for some reason hearing bagpipes gets me emotional. Must be something about my heritage or attending Glasgow High School where we used to have kids playing bagpipes in the high school band. In fact, the only request I have for when I pass away is to have bagpipes played at my service.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to break out the kilt today in honour of the Glasgow Homecoming. I'm with you on the pipes, but I come by it honestly, my Grandfather was in a Highland regiment in the Great War.

Beverly said...

Hey John,

Funny, we're getting ready here in SoCo for the annual Celtic Music Fest: I love the pipes long as I have a couple hundred yards between me and the band! LOL you know anything about this latest topic I'm curious about? You can find it on my blog...but I can't seem to find definitive information regarding if the bird-vomit used for defense is the same as the regurgitated food they feed young. I just couldn’t imagine it is…it sounds toxic! (not really, but apparently it sure does mess up a bird’s feathers!)

I'd appreciate your input if you know anything about this behavior.