Saturday, January 13, 2007

On the way

Laura and I left Fort Peck with three sunrises edging over the horizon yesterday morning. The sundogs were the most intense I have seen in a long time, shining through the ice crystals in the air. It was cold too! The ice on the river was nearly complete with very little open water below Fort Peck Dam. That doesn't happen that often but it was clear cold and calm on Thursday night. Kind of fitting for my trip although it should be warmer where I am going!
I am now at the airport in Miami. The direct opposite of the cold and dry I have gotten used to. The flights went well even with the ice storm moving through the middle of the country. Now I am waiting to board the plan and another 6 hours of sitting in a very small seat trying to sleep upright. Hopefully I can get a window seat but it is not looking good at this point. Hopefully I will have access to the internet and be able to post tomorrow from Santaigo. Later.

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