Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This One’s For Benton

Lookout Point, Elephant Island. Guess what. I can post from Antarctica! Great weather and amazing seas. Our first landing on Elephant Island was wonderful. We stopped at Lookout Point and found a good pod of loafing Elephant Seals. This picture is for my son who wanted me to take a picture of an Elephant Seal so this one’s for you bud. The picture of the Macaroni Penguin is for everyone else because everyone loves a Mac. We have been very busy and lots of stuff to do and I will try to post stuff when I can. No guarantees and I will fill in when I get back but so far it has been spectacular. Later.


Montana OAE said...

Cool Dad - thanks for the elephant seal!!!!!

tiges said...

Cool picture John. How close to the elephant seal were you?

debra_young said...
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