Monday, January 15, 2007

Santiago Monday

I didn't make my early morning walk in the park but it was just as well. When I finally got to the front gate, the park was closed. Evidently they were doing grounds maintenance today. I spent the majority of the day being a Lindblad representative - making sure that everyone had arrived (it was a bit dicey with the weather in Dallas and the flight from Dallas carrying a number of guests) and that they knew what the schedule for the day was. We did do a quick city tour today but as usual it was quick and not all that interesting, although a trip to the pre-Columbian museum was quite interesting. It has always been closed in my previous tours of the city. After a nice dinner and quick orientation for my travelers, it is time for bed. Tommorrow we catch our flight south to Punta Arenas in the morning and then on the Puerto Natales for the evening.


Catherine said...

Just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Tuesday. Not sure if you going to get an entry for the 16th so left it here. Now all your readers will know about the big day too!

Love your sister - Cathy!

Nina said...

I will keep checking the blog to live vicariously. Drink some Pisco for me and kiss a penguin. You won't beleive this but I broke my leg again. When they x-rayed they said that it had been broken before. I was mystified and then I remembered my Antarctic mishap. Safe travels!