Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cold Morning

This morning I got out a bit in the minus 17 degree cold to see what was around. At least it was sunny this morning and not blowing a blizzard like the last few days. Last night was particularly bad with high winds and lots of loose snow to blow around. It did result is some very interesting snow sculptures this morning as the wind carved the existing drifts into lenticular overhangs and frosty canyons.

I have been wanting a photo of a White-tailed Jackrabbit in it's winter pelage for a while and this morning seemed like a good time to try since these guys are often found tucked into a hole they dig into snowbanks along the road. I found this one fairly soon and he was quite obliging.


Anonymous said...

Love the last photo of the Jackrabbit series.

Anonymous said...

Quick question: Slide #11 on your penguin slideshow on the sidebar, is that Haitcho Island?

John Carlson said...

Let me know if I got the correct slide - the one with the single Chinstrap walking around boulders in fog? That one was taken on the southern slopes on the inside of Deception Island while doing a census of Chinstrap colonies right at Neptune's Bellows.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's the one. Just had the feel that Haitcho had for me when we arrived. Fog etc.