Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eastern Montana Winter

White-tailed Jackrabbit

Sharp-tailed Grouse


Mule Deer


Common Merganser

Bald Eagle


Rick said...

Beautiful--almost makes me nostalgic for the Great Plains winters of my childhood!

mdmnm said...

The contrast between the light on the buck and the haze or fog behind him is really fine. Great photos (and cold looking country)!

John Carlson said...

Rick, last night we had winds at 75 mph and some areas still had zero visibility this morning due to the blizzard. Bet you don't miss it that much! Although I really love living here, I would love a couple of weeks in AZ right now!
Glad you both like the photos. It certainly has been cold country lately although it has been a bit of a roller coaster in temps lately - 12 degrees and freezing rain last week to 20 below then 36 above in the span of a few days making the snow conditions tough on the animals. At least the wind has blown the ridge tops clear and there are open areas with fairly easy access to grass.