Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two New Books

There are two new book coming out soon that I am interested in seeing. The first is the Field Guide to Songbirds of South America: The Passerines by Robert Ridgley and Guy Tudor. This field guide isn't really new - I suspect it is a reworking of the duos previous two, rather large volumes - The Passerines of South America - Volume 1, the oscine passerines and Volume 2, the suboscine passerines. Even though it is not really new, the field guide format is much needed and appreciated. I remember birding in Argentina with a substandard guide and being very frustrated with the illustrations and information in that guide and wishing that I had even the plates from the Ridgley and Tudor books tucked into my pocket. I just wish they had finished the anticipated next volume(s) on the non-passerines of South America and had those plates and information to fit into the field guide as well. For now, I am still stuck carrying two field guides if I want to bird those countries of South America without their own decent field guide, such as Argentina. At least in southern Argentinal Alvaro Jaramillo, Peter Burke, and David Beadles Birds of Chile still serves as an excellent resource for all the birds found there.

The other new title I am looking forward to is a revison of the best field guide for birds, The Collins Bird Guide, which I previously reviewed here. Apparently there are a number of areas where this guide is being revised, including the gulls and raptors section. I haven't been able to find any news on when the revision is supposed to be released but one note I saw thought that it might be March of this year.

I just found a reference that suggests this title will be released early in June this year.

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