Monday, February 9, 2009

Evening Visitor

This evening when I got home from work I was visiting with Laura in the kitchen and I caught a glimpse of a bird fly out of the backyard with something in it's talons. It was just a quick glimpse and I couldn't tell exactly what it was. A few minutes later it flew back into the apple tree just outside of our dining room window. We were able to get a good look and it soon was apparent that it was a little owl. I originally thought it was a Saw-whet Owl but after I was able to grab the binoculars I discovered it was an Eastern Screech Owl. I have heard them before in our backyard but this was our first observation.

I was able to get fairly close to him and got a couple of photos. No wonder I am not finding too many voles in the back yard this year.


Anonymous said...

You have the coolest back yard.

WoodSong said...

gosh it's been awhile John- so glad to refind you and what a terrific find and image both. Haven't seen a screech in quite awhile, although I still here them.
hope all is well, getting you on my sidebar b4 I loose ya yet again :)

Jared B. Clarke said...

John, great photo! I particularly like the bloody toes! Poor little mouse/vole.

John Carlson said...

Hi Clare - most of the time it is but no narwhals yet! Today for the GBBC I have had only one Hairy Woodpecker so far.
Cindy - nice to see you back up and around again too. I will have to link my sidebar to your new place too. Welcome back.
Jared - thanks! I hadn't noticed the bloody toes originally but they certainly are.