Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Le Boys

Back by popular demand (well, Sandy wanted to see some photos). A couple of things we have done over the last couple of weeks include a kids ice fishing event when the temperature was about -5 and a release of some Wild Turkeys near Glasgow along the Milk River.

This is a metaphorical spot that the boys find themselves rather frequently (don't worry, I think it is a permanent sign, the ice was quite thick)

Crean at his fishing hole. Notice his fishing buddy (complete with band) and his butterfly net that will also work for all the fish he caught. He lasted about 5 minutes at the hole then he just couldn't stand it and had to run around a bit. That lasted a few more minutes until he fell face first into the snow. He spent the rest of the time at the event eating his hot dog, drinking hot chocolate and reading books in the car.

Benton lasted a bit longer, even without stuffed animal support. It wasn't much longer though before the cold and no fish (he has apparently inherited my fishing skills) resulted in another decision that the hot dogs and hot chocolate sounded better than standing next to a hole in the ice with a stick in your hand. We were home rather soon that day.

A couple of weeks later we were able to participate in a release of Wild Turkeys on the Milk River just west of Glasgow. The boys were allowed to help open the cardboard boxes the birds were transported in. They had been trapped that morning on a ranch in southeastern Montana. The boys loved it and each came home with a fist full of turkey feathers.

Above, Crean waits for a turkey to burst from the box.

From left to right are Benton, Crean Lih-An, Ellis, Scott and Jack. Oh yeah, there is a Wild Turkey in the middle too.

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