Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dog question

For Peck, MT - I have a question concerning my Flatcoated Retriever. She has this annoying and potentially fatal habit of eating socks (and an even more annoying but less lethal habit of barfing them back up in the living room). Any thoughts on how to cure her of this? We have been working hard at limiting her access to socks but in our house with 2 young boys, the socks seem to wind up all over the place. She seems to particularly like the boys sock but it may be just a matter of size. Thanks.
This is the sock-eater. Pretty darn good dog otherwise.

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Craig said...

I would put some socks out that taste really bad... like put some hot sauce on them so that she eats them, or starts to and they taste bad so she stops. Dogs are motivated by food, so making the socks equate to 'Not food' or an unpleasant experience might do the trick. At least it's a theory.

btw, I'm doing some cross posting with other blogs that are of quality. There sure aren't many out there, but I put yours on the list for sure!

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