Monday, April 9, 2007

Grassland Birds Part 1

I am going to ease into these theme of grassland bird posts with a little homework for you. I received an email today from Trevor Herriot in Regina, Saskatchewan informing me that a radio show that he produced with Stuart Houston on grassland birds called "Pastures Unsung" is going to air again on CBC radio. The two part series originally aired last June on the show "Ideas" and will air again on CBC Radio 1 on April 11th and 12th at 9:00 at night (check your local listings - I am not sure what time that translates to with changes in daylight savings time or no daylight savings time in Saskatchewan). If you are too far away from a CBC station you can listen online.
I really enjoyed this broadcast last year but then again I am a bit biased as I was one of the people Trevor interviewed for this project. CBC has a website for the show here. Trevor does a good job of explaining the current status of grassland birds and the threats facing these birds.

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Anonymous said...

I listened last night to the great distant CBC broadcast (I'm in SW WI) that faded in and out about the grasslands and the birds, when they crossed the border to visit you off into the static it went! Part 2 tonight. I will be listening, and visiting you here thanks to the bodio link and praise.

Thank you! Maggie