Monday, April 2, 2007

Flying Flatcoat and other tidbits

On Saturday I took Addie, our Flatcoated Retriever, to the river for a little dummy training. I love watching this dog go into the water.

This morning we surveyed 4 leks before the snow started to fly. All had increases in the number of displaying males from the last couple of years. This is one of the last best places for Greater Sage-grouse in the world and we are busy doing lek surveys for much of April.
For those of you who happened to watch 60 Minutes on Sunday night and caught the segment on the affects of global warming in Antarctica, you saw one of my favorite places in Antarctica. I worked for one field season at the location where Wayne and Sue Trivelpiece were interviewed and Wayne was my graduate advisor. It was really nice to see images of my "home" for a few wonderful months one year. Despite being back to Antarctica a number of times since working at Copacabana on King George Island, I haven't had the pleasure of going back. I would really like to visit again one of these days just to see how things have changed. If you missed the show you can visit the website here


Mary said...

That first photo looks like a miniature horse. Nice shots!

Birdnerd said...

Hello again, I'm making my way through your Antarctica labels and found Wayne and Sue Trivelpiece's names...I met them once back in college when I worked at Point Reyes Bird Observatory. Their colleagues, Geoff Geupel and Janet Kjelmyr introduced me to the concept of people actually going to Antarctica to study birds and I'll never forget Geoff's incredible slide show of their time there.