Thursday, April 12, 2007

Funny Story of the Day

This evening I was visiting with my folks and Mom was telling me that both she and my Dad had been hearing an ad on the radio advertising a "Ladies Clinic" at the local fire hall on Saturday. They heard it a couple of times and Mom was getting a bit annoyed that no one had told her that there was a "Ladies Clinic" in town (we live in a very small town and Mom usually knows of these sort of things). Not to mention that she wasn't really sure what kind of clinic would be held at the Fire Hall. So she called the town office and talked to Bobbie the town clerk to find out about the clinic. Turns out it was a "Rabies" clinic.
We will still be bringing our two ladies to the clinic but Mom probably will not be going.

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Liapis said...

Did you have to let the whole world know? Mom