Saturday, November 15, 2008

Opus isn't gone

Despite many recent reports to the contrary, Berke Breathed's Opus is has not completely disappeared into Goodnight Moon. I recently found out that he is now a Dean at The Antarctic University! Check it out here (wait a bit when you get to the site for Opus to show up and then follow the links to the coursework).
This is the latest educational effort by Oceanites, the non-profit group I work for when I am in Antarctica. Ron Naveen, president and founder of Oceanites, has arranged for Opus to present a number of educational multimedia presentations to help people learn more about penguins, Antarctica, and global climate change. Currently, the only lesson available is Penguins 101, but the others are in the works. The presentation needs a fairly fast connection to work well, but it is a great introduction to penguins and teachers may find it a good resource to present to students if they are doing a penguin or Antarctic theme for lessons.

Another great addition to the Oceanites website is the ability for anyone interesting in supporting Oceanites to donate via the website (the lower right corner of the Oceanites homepage). Please consider a donation if you can.
A couple of articles about Oceanites can be found here from the Antarctic Sun and here from Mother Jones magazine.

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