Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Last weekend I was able to get out a bit with my friends Tom and Tonya, bear biologists from Western Montana. I have known Tom since we were undergraduates together at the University of Montana a few years ago. Tom is one of the founding members of a group of friends who have stayed in touch over the years and we try to get together when we can, usually in the fall for some hunting. Tonya is a welcome addition to the group and having both of them visit is one of the highlights of my year. Below is Tom scanning for deer.

We spent the better part of the day watching deer. They are well into the fall rut and being able to watch some good deer behavior was a treat.

We found these two buck (above) but couldn't see a doe around. We knew she was there and even had her location pretty well pinned down based on the behavior of the two bucks. It was fun to watch the sideways glances and "cowboy" walk of the larger buck as he pushed the smaller buck away from the spot we figured the doe to be. The lowered ears were also a good sign of deer aggression. The smaller buck just kept nonchalantly walking around trying to look innocent, but all of us knew what he was up to.

This White-tailed buck was following a group of does around Fort Peck when I came home from work the other night. I wish the light had been a bit better but..
Notice the funny tine on his left antler. From the side it looked like it was coming out the middle of his forehead.

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mdmnm said...

As always, fantastic photos!

Hope the rest of the Antarctic trip smooths out.